Duraslot® Surface Drains Duraslot® Surface Drains Duraslot® Surface Drains

Duraslot® Surface Drains

Durable, Economical, Corrosion-Resistant collection of surface runoff.

Since 1987, Duraslot® surface drains have been providing reliable storm water collection in applications ranging from residential driveways to multi-lane super highways.

The product is made from dual-walled corrugated polyethylene pipe with an aluminum slot mounted on top. It is designed to intercept sheet flows of water across paved or cleared areas. it is a cost-effective substitute for corrugated steel slotted drains, pre-cast trench drains, or cast-in-place trench drains with steel or cast iron grates.

Duraslot® drains use N-12® pipe, manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems. An outer corrugated wall provides strength and durability, while the smooth interior lining gives exceptional hydraulics.

The Duraslot® System

Slot Height:

  • 2.5″ for residential and pedestrian areas
  • 6″ for H-20 loading in vehicular traffic areas
  • Taller slots are available on special order
  • Variable height slot to provide slope in the pipe invert at a level grade (special order)

Pipe Length:

  • 10 feet

Pipe Diameter:

  • 4″ through 36″

Slot Opening:

  • 1.25″ wide in 4″ diameter
  • 1.75″ wide in 6″ diameter and higher

Grate Options:

  • 1/2 – #13 galvanized steel (stock standard)
  • Open top without grate (available standard)
  • Other types of grating available on special order

Coupler Band: Connects Duraslot® drain to Duraslot® drain. A modified pipe band with angles extended up is used to clamp together the ends of the two slots being joined. A thumb-screw and wingnut fasten the band angles onto the ends of the slots. A Grate Connector is included.

Grate Connector: Joins the grates at the ends of the slots, and can be easily removed to allow a hose to flush out the pipeline.

Pipe Adapter: Connects Duraslot® drain to N-12 Pipe. A corrugated pipe coupler that is modified to accept Duraslot® drain on one end and N-12 pipe on the other. A Grate Anchor is included.

End Cap: Modified to close the upstream end of the Duraslot® drain. A Grate Anchor is included.

Grate Anchor: Used at the end of each Duraslot® run to close off the end of the slot, anchor the end of the grate into the concrete or asphalt surrounding the slot, and keep the grate in tension for added strength.

Duraslot® surface drains offer a number of cost and performance benefits compared to corrugated metal, polymer trench drain and cast-in-place systems:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs.
  • Resilient Materials. Corrosion resistant polyethylene and aluminum are impervious to most acids, storm water contaminants, and road salt.
  • Greater Hydraulic Efficiency. Water flow through the smooth inner wall of polyethylene pipe is superior to corrugated steel pipe.
  • Lower Installation Costs. Lightweight sections quickly and easily set in place with no heavy machinery or extra manpower.
  • Lower Material Costs. Most cost effective compared to other systems that support vehicular traffic.
  • Longer Lay Lengths. Compared to one meter lengths of polymer trench drain, ten foot Duraslot® drains speed installation time and make it much easier to maintain a constant slope.
  • Impact Resistant Polyethylene. Withstands storage and handling. Durable construction provides no waste due to deformation or breakage.