2 HP Outboard comes standard with Manual Starter, Tiller Handle, Engine Stop Switch Lanyard and Manual Trim and Tilt. Accessories also include Propeller, Built-In Fuel Tank, Emergency Starter Rope and Owner’s Manual. Optional Accessories include Toolkit and Spare Spark Plug (These however are market dependent).

Features and Specifications

Built-In Fuel Tank
Manual Starter
Loop Charging (2 stroke intake and exhaust pulse tuning for high performance and fuel economy)
Maintenance-Free CDI (for high performance, reliability, and a sure start)
Exhaust Buffer (buffered exhaust chamber for reduced engine noise)
360° Steering
Front Controls (Throttle, Choke, Recoil Starter, Engine Stop Switch)
Long Steering Handle
Clamp Screw with Grease (corrosion protection)
Tilt-Up Stopper
5-Stage Multiple Coating (corrosion protection)
Self-Sacrificing Anode (corrosion protection)

Engine Type - Single Cylinder
Displacement - 50 cm3
Bore x Stroke - 42 x 36 mm
Compression Ratio - 8.3:1
Max Prop Shaft Output - 1.5kW (2ps) / 2 HP @ 4500 RPM
Max RPM Range - 4000 ~ 5000 RPM
Fuel Induction System - Single Carburetor
Lubrication - Pre-Mixing
Oil Ratio Fuel Mixture - 100:1
Built-In Fuel Tank - 1.2L
Max Fuel Consumption - 1.3L
Ignition System - CDI
Prop Engagement - Shear Pin
Transom Height - 417 mm (16.4 in)
Dry Weight * - 10 kg

: With aluminum prop