This is the Long Shaft version of the Enduro Gasoline Series 48 HP Outboard Motor. Comes standard with Manual Starter, Tiller Handle, Front Shift Lever, Engine Stop Switch Lanyard, Alternator and Manual Trim and Tilt. Accessories also include Propeller, 24L Plastic Fuel Tank, Toolkit, Emergency Starter Rope, Spare Spark Plugs and Owners Manual. Optional accessories include Repair Kit (This however is market dependent).

Features and Specifications

Manual Starter
Loop Charging (for high performance and fuel economy)
V-Shaped Reed Valve (for high performance and fuel economy)
Thermostatic Cooling Control
Extremely Durable Crankshaft
Long Life Piston / Piston Rings
Maintenance-Free CDI (for high performance, reliability and a sure start)
Engine Stop Switch Lanyard
Front Shift
Steering Friction Adjustment
Hard-Chrome-Plated Water Pump
Through-Hub Exhaust Propulsion
Stainless Steel Propeller (optional, for high performance and reliability)
Over-Rev Limiter
Overheat Warning
Start-In-Gear Prevention
Special Aluminum Alloy: YDC-30
5-Stage Multiple Coating (corrosion prevention)
Self-Sacrificing Anodes (corrosion prevention)

Engine Type – 2 Cylinder
Displacement - 760 cm3
Bore x Stroke – 82 x 72 mm
Compression Ratio – 6.5 : 1
Max Prop Shaft Output - 35.3kW (48ps) / 48 HP @ 5000 RPM
Max RPM Range – 4000 ~ 5500 RPM
Fuel Induction System – Double Carburetor
Lubrication – Pre-Mixing
Oil Ratio Fuel Mixture – 50 : 1
Max Fuel Consumption – 21 L/h
Ignition System – CDI
Prop Engagement – Spline
Transom Height – L: 572 mm (22.5 in)
Dry Weight * - 90 kg

* : With aluminum prop