Yamaha EDL21000DE Generator – Combining the high output power and reliability of a Yamaha Genset with the fuel efficiency of running it on diesel, Yamaha Diesel Generators provide continuous run time and outstanding fuel economy. This unit is perfect for industrial use or powering your entire home, including air conditioners, and refrigerators.

Features and Specifications

4-Stroke In-Line Liquid-cooled Diesel Gasoline Engine
Brushless Generator (maintenance free)
Oil Warning System (engine stops automatically when oil pressure has fallen bellow the prescribed level)
Non-Fuse Breaker (easier ‘on’ and ‘off’ of AC output with circuit breaker)
Fuel Gauge
Electric Starter
Frame (easy to carry and solid protection)

Engine Type - 4-stroke In-Line Liquid-cooled Diesel Gasoline Engine
Displacement - 1335 cm³
Generator Type - 
Brushless AC Generator, Single Phase
Rated Voltage - 120 / 240 V
Frequency - 60 Hz
Rated Output - 18.2 kVA
Maximum Output -  20.1 kVA 
Fuel Tank Capacity - 80 L
Operating Hours - 11 (approximately)
Noise Level - 85 dbA / 7 m
Dry Weight - 380 kg