EF2600FW – 120 / 240 V

Adding a damper winding (short-circuit ring) to the alternator’s rotor serves to correct the distortions in magnetic flux occurring during electricity generation and makes it possible to greatly reduce waveform distortion ratio by adding a skew to the alternator core. This greatly expands the angle of electric appliances the generator can be used with to include those operating with microcomputer control.

A DC outlet has been added to the EF2600FW for uses like charging batteries. Also, a twist-lock type socket has been adopted to prevent disconnecting during moving or running of the generator (ground fitted). These features provide greater functionality and convenience.

Features and Specifications

4-Stroke OHV Engine (compact size, high power, low fuel consumption and low noise level)
Brushless Generator (maintenance free)
Oil Warning System (engine stops automatically when oil pressure has fallen bellow the prescribed level)
Non-Fuse Breaker (easier ‘on’ and ‘off’ of AC output with circuit breaker)
Auto Decompressor
DC Output Capability (convenient for battery charging)
Fuel Gauge
Frame (easier to carry and solid protection)

Engine Type – MZ175 : 4-stroke OHV forced air cooled
Generator Type –
Bi-polar revolving field / with damper winding
Rated Voltage – 120 / 240 V
Frequency – 60 Hz
Rated Output – 2.3 kVA
Maximum Output – 2.6 kVA
DC Output – 12 V / 8.3 A
Fuel Tank Capacity – 12 L
Operating Hours – 9.0 (approximately)
Noise Level – 68 dbA / 7 m
Dry Weight – 41 kg