N-12® Soil-Tight Pipe

Delivered with an integral bell and spigot joint N-12® ST pipe meets the most stringent soil-tight requirements. The bell design resists distortion, chipping or cracking, and spans three corrugations, exceeding AASHTO M249 recommendations. The in-line bell design eliminates the need to dig bell holes in the trench. Joints are sealed by a factory-installed rubber O-ring gasket that meets all requirements of ASTM F477.

The N-12® Soil-Tight System

We introduced N-12® corrugated dual walled pipe in 1987. Today’s N-12® pipe offers significant performance advantages, plus the best soil-tight joint in the industry.

  • Superior built-in bell joint.
  • Bell spans three corrugations, exceeding AASHTO M294 recommendations.
  • Joints sealed by high-quality factory installed rubber O-ring gasket which meets all requirements of ASTM F477.
  • Reinforced polyethylene bell minimizes distortion. Chipping and cracking, common to concrete pipe bells is eliminated.

With N-12® ST pipe you’ll save time and effort on virtually any drainage installation.

  • With bell and spigot designs you simply lube and push together, field installation is a snap.
  • Unlike pipes from other manufacturers there are no additional gasket materials, grout or sealing bands to transport and apply.
  • In line bell design means no need to dig bell holes – and no worries about improperly dug bell holes that can dip or sag, leading to bell shear.
  • Noticeable faster installation times.
  • Lower labor costs.