N-12® Watertight Pipe

It’s a revolution that began more than 10 years ago when ADS pioneered the watertight joint for corrugated polyethylene pipe. Now, ADS introduces the new N-12 WT pipe – our third generation of watertight joint technology, another leap forward in watertight performance.

The N-12® Watertight System

  • Incorporates patented technology developed in the aerospace industry.
  • 2″ wide proprietary ceramic/polymer composite is fused to the outside wall of the built-in bell, improving the joint integrity and tolerance control.
  • Patented gasket increases its sealing forces as internal or external hydrostatic pressure increases.
  • Flared bell and tapered spigot significantly improves ease of installation.
  • Flared bell spans 3 corrugations for better joint performance.

N-12 WT pipe is so advanced in its design, it’s easy to install – and easy to put your confidence in it  for long-term reliability.

  • With its integral built in bell and factory installed gasket, the pipe requires no extra couplers, grout or other sealants to install – and fewer components to risk performance, compared to other pipe designs.
  • Joint meets or exceeds ASTM D3212 lab tests and ASTM F1417 watertight field tests.
  • Fills an essential role in meeting the stricter requirements of new Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.
  • A ceramic/polymer composite combined with HDPE’s excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, brings exceptional strength to the joint.