Wales also called walers provide structural support for your seawall. Often times the tie-rods are attached to the waler. Some walls are designed with a single wale, while others may have two.


TimberGuard our most popular wale option, is a polymer encapsulated wood piling. Because of its UV protected polymer encasing, TimberGuard will last much longer than a treated lumber wale. The polymer protection system not only protects the structural wale against UV and saltwater degradation, it also protects against marine borers. These small marine organisms are similar to termites in that they consume marine lumber. TimberGuard is also a more eco-friendly option than traditional treated lumber and has been approved for use in many environmentally regulated bodies of water.

For a wale with increased durability, an ArmorWale made from Aluminum or an UltraComposite wale  may be for you. CMI’s Aluminum ArmorWales are available in standard grey, clay, slate and brown colors to match your vinyl seawall. This product line is also available in its natural mill finish.