Pre-Delivery Inspection

Our technical team performs a Pre-Delivery Inspection of all outboard motors, power products, motor-cycles and motor vehicles we sell. A Pre-Delivery Inspection is a standard procedure carried out by vehicle sales and workshop outfits. The outboard engine or vehicle is given a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is working properly and safely. Often a check list is worked through each step of the inspection.

This checklist includes items such as:

  • Exterior – Inspection of the exterior of outboard motors, vehicles. Outboard motor checks include ensuring the housings are water tight all fittings are secure, vehicle checks include the appearance of the exterior such as the paint work, body panels, body kits, mirrors, lamps… ensuring all are in working order and free from major blemishes.
  • Interior – Inspection of the interior of outboard motor housings, vehicles. Outboard motor housings need to remain water tight for proper operation, all air ducts and filters need to remain unobstructed, vehicle checks include the general interior of the vehicle, ensuring creature comforts are all functional, door panels are properly installed, safety measures are functional…
  • Engines – The heart of the outboard motor, and any vehicle sold as well. Outboard motor checks include ensuring all fluids are at their required levels, engine tolerances are within specifications, all torque requirements are met, vehicle engines go through much of the same checks, ensuring all fluid levels are at their required levels, engine tolerances are within their required specifications and all torque requirements are met.
  • Test Run / Drive – Our outboard motors after passing previous checks are then fueled up and tested in an immersion environment to ensure they are in perfect working order, vehicles as well are fueled up and after the engine is run for a few minutes with the vehicle at rest to check for any unforeseen issues, they are taken for a test drive and the engines are run in accordance with all ordinances accorded to the legal operation of a vehicle on the street. This includes operation to within and at the prescribed speed limits.

If any issues are found they are dealt with and rectified before the vehicle ever reaches the customer. This includes the consultation of specialist mechanics if the need arises.